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Working with students

Working with students

All pupils at Staindrop Academy, including those with SEND, are actively encouraged to voice their opinions or concerns when the need arises. There are a variety of ways students can do this:


•The first point of contact is the tutor who meets with their tutees daily.

•Academic Managers are attached to a particular Key Stage and are available throughout the day to speak with pupils. They usually remain with their Year group for the whole of a pupil’s time at Staindrop.

•Often pupils will speak directly to their teachers who will escalate concerns to the appropriate member of staff.

• SEN&D pupils will have a key mentor (including the SENCO) with whom they can communicate freely at any time.

·Other professionals such as counsellors and the Educational Health Needs Team.

• Anti-Bullying Coordinator and his team are available at all times. Staindrop is proud to have achieved the Princess Diana Award for Anti-Bullying.

SEN&D students are actively involved in annual reviews and support plan review meetings. In addition, feedback is gathered through reviews, key mentor meetings and questionnaires. This helps us to gather feedback on SEN&D provision as well as whole school initiatives.