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Staindrop School understands that transition between schools and other establishments is sometimes an anxious time for parents/carers and students, especially for students with SEN.

For students coming into Year 7 at The Academy, the Transition manager and the SENCo will visit all primary schools where there are students coming to The Academy. They meet with Year 6 teachers or leaders to gain as much information as possible about these students, including SEN information. For students with SEN, the SENCo receives all relevant Year 6 information, including SEN files and SEN Support plans. If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment with our SENCo.

All Year 6 students who will be attending The Academy, are invited in for transition days in the summer term, when they spend 3 days in their new form group and take part in activities to help them adjust to life at The Academy. Many students with SEN are invited in for extra transition sessions to introduce them to life at The Academy in order to allay any anxieties as early as possible. In addition to this, prior to starting Year 7 in September, The Academy offers a summer school in the first week of the summer holidays that is available to all students.

For students with a statement of special educational need or an EHC plan, the SENCo will attend Year 6 statement review meetings to understand the needs of these students and plan their transition. For students with high transition needs, the SENCo will put in place a more personalised transition programme, in conjunction with the primary school and parents/carers.

Parents/carers of students with a statement of special educational needs/EHC plan in Year 5 who are considering a placement at The Academy at are very welcome to contact the SENCo at The Academy at any time to discuss their child’s needs or arrange a meeting, or visit, to the Academy.

For students leaving Year 11, the SENCo works with our post 16 provision coordinator, careers advisors and the One Point Service to ensure that all students have thought through their next steps and have appropriate applications to post-16 providers. We also liaise with their next provider to ensure that they understand a student’s support needs by providing a transition plan created in conjunction with students, families and the one point service. All students with a Statement of special educational needs or an Education, Health and Care plan will have access to the above services from Year 10 onwards.