Good morning - Sunday 23rd July

The Curriculum

All pupils follow the national curriculum at a level and pace suitable for their ability.


The school’s main focus is quality first teaching (QFT) where differentiation in lessons allows the individual needs of all students to be met. Where a student’s individual need requires further support, the Academy can provide an individualised timetable as well as withdrawal work in small groups.

Additional support available within the Academy includes:

•Literacy and numeracy support.

•The appropriate use of rewards and sanctions.

•A broad range of extra-curricular activities, including homework club and Inclusion and Learning Centre (ILC)

•Assessment procedures that emphasise pupils’ strengths and achievements.

•Key stage 4 courses which are relevant to pupils’ needs.

•Exam concessions where needed.

•In class support, where required.

•Access to specific resources, such as laptops if required.

·Access to specialists, where required.