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Staged behavior system


Stages Procedure

Students  who persistently breach the rules, or who commit a serious offence, will be placed on a staged sanctions procedure by the Head of year. A range of mechanisms to monitor and modify students’’ behaviour will then be used. 


This will include placing a student on a staged report which will be monitored by an appropriate member of staff. The first level of reporting is to tutors but may then move through ‘stages’ of report depending upon the level of concern, as follows:

      Pastoral or Subject Leader

      Pupil Support Programme

      Deputy Headteacher  

Each report will state targets and sanctions and parents are expected to monitor and sign the report      on a daily basis.


If a student’s behaviour improves on whatever stage he/she is placed, the pupil will be moved down to a lower stage or removed from the system. The school reserves the right to ‘bypass’ any stage or stages should a pupil’s behaviour be deemed serious enough to warrant such a move.


The Academy operates a policy of applying fixed term in-school exclusions, usually of several days, as a consequence of serious breaches of the Behaviour Policy, an extended internal exclusion may be given for serious breaches of the rules when the day will end at 3.55pm. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide transport home for their child





The Academy’s behaviour system works on a ‘points’ system where one point is received for one infringement of the whole school responsibilities on Class Charts.



Staindrop Academy reserve the right to bypass any behaviour stages or alter stages due to individual circumstances. At all stages student can move down the behaviour system should behaviour improve