Good morning - Sunday 23rd July

Basic expectations

Basic Expectations


Staindrop Academy’s Behaviour Management system is based on the importance of a sense of individual responsibilities and respect for others. We have a simple list of ‘school responsibilities’ which have been produced in consultation with pupils. It is expected that all staff promote and uphold these responsibilities 


School Expectations  

Follow adult instructions first time given.

Failures to comply could be:


      Failure to attend detention

      Refusal to follow instructions

Arrive on time and fully prepared for the school day.

Failures to comply could be:

      Forgotten report

      Lack of correct equipment

      Late persistently



Complete all learning activities to the best of your ability, without disruption or distraction.

Failures to comply could be:

      Distracting others

      Inadequate work

      Interrupting learning

      Leaving class without permission

      Making unnecessary comments

      Persistent lack of homework

      Repeated calling out

      Talking over the teacher

      Using mobile







Show respect to all members of the Staindrop community at all times.

Failures to comply could be:

      Aggressive behaviour



      Name calling



      Verbal abuse to adult

Respect your school environment and everything in it.

Failures to comply could be:

      Eating/drinking/’chewing’ outside of designated areas

      Malicious damage