Good morning - Sunday 23rd July

Staff Information


Teaching Staff September 2016
Mr M Baker 2nd in Maths/Numeracy catch-up
Mrs L Black English/Dram/SENCO/LAC
Mrs A Carr Headteacher/Curriculum/Data
Mrs A Caulfield ICT and Business
Miss A Clark Head of Music
Mrs M Cleland MFL
Miss E Clement Food and Textiles Technology/RE/Acting lead for Year 7
Miss R Clemmett English
Mr H Duffin 2nd in ICT/Associate SLT - data
Mr P Etherington Technology
Mr I Fiergbor Head of ICT and Business
Miss K Fowler Food and Textiles technology/Academic Manager
Mr D Gascoigne Maths/Science
Mr A Gibbon Deputy Headteacher/PE/Teaching and Learning
Mrs S Gordon Head of MFL
Miss M Hall Art/Citizenship
Mrs A Hart Head of RE/Leader of Learning
Mrs H Hogg Head of English
Mrs V Hooper History and Geography
Mr C Hughes Head of PE
Miss A Jackson 2nd in English
Mrs N Jervis PE
Mr P Marwood Associate SLT (communications) /Head of Science
Mr M Mitchell 2nd in Science
Mr M Phelps Assistant Headteacher teaching & learning/Head of Maths
Mr S Pybus Head of Technology/STEM 
Mrs S Renton Head of Art
Miss E Robinson Acting lead in Geography
Mr. A. Stokoe Maths
Mrs R Theaker Acting lead in History
Mrs M Thorns 2nd in MFL/international schools
Mrs V Trotman Travel & Tourism/Health & Social Care
Miss S Walker Science
Ms J. Walker English/Literacy co-ordinator/English catch-up
Miss S. Watson Geography
Mrs S Williams Maths/Acting Academic Manager


Support Staff 2015
Mr S Towers Inclusion Manager
Miss D Walton  Higher Level Teaching Assistant 
Mr C Ramsey Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mr T Leaver Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Towers Classroom Supervisor 
Mrs J Baker Admin Assistant
Mrs M Bostock Exams/Data Officer
Mrs P Coulthard Receptionist 
Mrs H Overfield Finance Manager 
Mrs C Readman Reprographics/Receptionist
Mr P Brown IT Manager 
Mr S Hunter IT Technician 
Mr J Barnes Science Technician
Mr T Harding  Caretaker 
Mr D Gullon Premises Manager 
Mrs A Pinkney Receptionist
Cleaning Staff  
Mrs J Barker Mrs S Little
Mr B Jones Mrs J. Matthews
Mrs C Beckley Miss V Walker 
Mrs R Hill Mrs G Teasdale 
Mrs S. Duncan  Mrs C Walker
Mrs P Hicks (supervisor)  Miss A Walton
 Catering Staff 
Mrs C Fuller Mrs J Sumpton
Mrs E Jackson Mrs M Thompson
Mrs L Barnes  Mrs H Todd
Mrs R Stewart Mrs V Walker (kitchen supervisor)
Mrs P Stockton Mrs J Watson